Savannah, Georgia, is a coastal city in the US. With its ancient monumental buildings, innovative modern architecture ,pedestrian friendly pavement layouts, towering live-oak trees and horse drawn carriages, the city is a refreshing site to visitors .This travel destination is a place of abundance with a lot of attractions, activities, festivals, eateries and entertainment.

Attractions in Savannah

Art and history is everywhere in Savannah. This southern city is punctuated with plaques and monuments, cemeteries, regal looking mansions, art centers, museums, parks, live oak trees and so much more. Savannah’s Historic Districts 22-Squares highlight and showcase its historic past and beauty. Some of the popular attractions include:

• Forsyth Park

It’s a 30 Acre Park that is rich in history. Forsyth Park is used to host sports, concerts and festivals. It contains multiple historic monuments and sculptures. The Savanah Saturday Farmers Market is also hosted here and it’s a big draw for visitors and locals alike.

• Georgia State Railroad Museum

This historic and national landmark that was chartered in 1883 is the world’s longest continuous rail road. Georgia State Railroad Museum gives visitors an interesting background of the ancient commercial developments which have immensely shaped the history of Savannah.

Jepson Center for the Arts

This modern artistic gallery space contains important touring exhibitions as well as permanent contemporary-collections. Jepson Center for the Arts is designed with an airy, bright and futuristic feel and it contains works owned by Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichnstein. The amazing part of this Art Center is the ArtZuem museum space which has a creative studio and interactive galley.

• Tybee Island

It’s a short drive from downtown Savannah. Tybee Island is a coastal destination that is worth a visit. Located on a five acre property, the island served as fort during the American- Spanish War. It is home to an historic lighthouse and a museum which contains the history of the lighthouse and the living conditions of the natives. As a visitor, you can climb the lighthouse’s 178-Steps and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.

• Savannah History Museum

Neighboring the visitor’s center and Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah History Museum houses over 10,000 artifacts with some dating back to 1733. The museum contains a lot of history exhibits, especially those surrounding the Desert Storm, Civil War, Industrial Revolution and Revolutionary War. It also contains a pop culture theme and real world memorabilia. It’s an all rounded museum which offers an historic and captivating evolution of Savannah.

• Bonaventure Cemetery

It’s a 150 year old cemetery that has the quintessential Southern-Gothic. Famous people buried in this renowned historic cemetery are Johnny Mercer – a songwriting legend, writer Conrad Aiken, Edward Telfair who was Georgia’s first governor and military generals.

Where to Eat

Savannah’s culinary scene is mostly drawn from the southern cooking heritage as well as global influences that comes through its port. Its close proximity to the ocean keeps it supplied with fresh sea foods such as shrimps, crabs, oysters, fish, squid, lobsters etc. Olde Pink House restaurant is known to serve traditional southern foods while Florence & Grey serves low country dishes with twists of regional cooking. Other classic eating joints which serve sea foods and exotic culinary dishes include Cotton & Rye, Sand-fly BBQ at the Streamliner, Sorry Charlies oyster bar, Teylor Park among others.

Where to Stay

Most accommodation hotels in Savannah are found clustered in the downtown area, but within a walking distance from most of the city’s shopping centers and eateries. Because tourism is one of the leading industries in Savannah, there are many affordable and impressive hotels. Those seeking a quiet, secluded and luxurious accommodations will appreciate the city’s numerous Bed & Breakfast hotels. Most of the hotels contain unique and lovely amenities as well as personalized services. Favorite Perennial accommodations include Ballastobe Inn, Kehoe House, Gastonian Inn, Eliza-Thompson House, Foley House Inn and Hamilton Turner Inn.

Favorite boutique hotels include Bohemian Hotel, The Mansion hotel which is found in Forsyth Park and the AVIA Savannah. For travelers who are in search of modern luxurious accommodations, there is Savannah Marriot Riverfront, Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden, Westin Harbor Golf and Spa and the Hyatt Regency Savannah.

Best Time to Go to Savannah

The climate in savannah is humid and subtropical. The weather is hottest in July and coldest in January. Summers are usually very long and during winter, it almost never gets to the freezing point. Rainfall is evenly distributed all year round but it’s slightly higher in August. The best time to visit this city is around March to September, when the temperatures are warm. Festivals such as River Street Sea Food Festival and Savannah Music Festival are also performed during these months. If you are planning to travel to Tybee Island, you can go at any time because its weather is warm all through the year.


Downtown Savannah is compact and it is possible to ride a bike or walk through the surrounding neighborhoods and the historic quarters. Public transport and Cabs are also widely available throughout the city.

Savannah is a city that has everything for everyone. From the beaches, parks, museums, restaurants, festivals to art centers. Take time off and explore this coastal city’s beauty and charm.

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