Venice is the largest and beautiful city in Italy.It is located in the Northeast of the Apennine Peninsula, at the center of a salt water lagoon which is located between the mouth of the Po River and the Pi ave River and linked to the Thyrrenian Sea . It is not only a popular travel destination at the Adriatic Coast, but also the capital of the Veneto region. I visited this place for my honeymoon with the love of my life. It is the most good looking city with many surprises that you can imagine. It is a clean city with many wondering beautiful places, built on several islands in the middle of a large lagoon. You will not find such a beautiful town with beautiful canals, gondolas and many  unforgettable things.  Venice took my breath away how i wish i lived in this beautiful city. Visitors can be seen on a gondola ride, on the famous Grand Canal and St. Mark’s Square on foot from the center of town and the many different kin`ds of birds that occupy the area to feed. You get a lot of interesting, attractive and romantic places in the heart of the city.. The many cultural and historical peculiarities attracted my husband and me to visit this city as we took tour by gondolas under the moonlight, now that we were newly weds and could not hide our joy that came along with this beautiful sites. One of the most important traditions is the world-famous Carnival in Venice celebrated by its inhabitants . This attracts more and more tourists each year.  I read in one of the Italian articles about the origins of the Venetian Carnival, that can be traced back to the 12th century when the Doge´s government gave the Venetian people permission to wear masks and costumes,inspired by characters from the Comedian dell Arte,the famous century Italian theater. It is considered to be an ancient Medieval tradition to celebrate the beginning of the Lent season. The most famous masquerades still worn today are the “Arlecchino” (“Harlequin”) with its costume that is brightly colored triangles and the “Dottore delle Peste” with its white mask.  Besides being amused and entertained,we decided to visit other most interesting places in Venice like   the Piazza San Marco which is a large public square and serves as the main meeting place in the city.At the Piazza we saw the St Marks Cathedral that is beautifully painted and wondered where all the over 400 churches in Venice looked the same, the Doge’s Palace, the Campanile and several museums.. Since it was a summer month i really appreciate my husband for making good plans on booking tickets in advance the queues were so long and the weather was too hot.I also learned that the same goes for booking a hotel in Venice,during the peak season accommodation fill up so fast, especially at the hotels near the center so it was best for us that we booked early.  It was lunch time and we were so hungry after walking on foot from the hotel to the San Clemente palace that is located on an exclusive island. We came here to catch a glimpse of Hollywood stars and starlets. With my love for the Italian cuisine we stopped at Fortuny Restaurant, one of the hotels to enjoy the home made pizzas with thin crust and eat in style. In this restaurant there was fresh fish,nice steaks and course wine . How i wished my stomach could accommodate all this delicious food i ever longed for.  It was our last day at Venice therefore we had to do some shopping before we go back at our hotel and prepare ourselves for going back home.We decided to go to the shopping malls opposite the restaurant and shopped on more items that looked fashionable and unique. It was late already, we walked to the train station that was a few meters away to board one of four water bus stops in Venice. We luckily found one that was almost full got in and went back to the hotel, to have dinner and get our things ready for the next morning. Anyone planning to have a vacation at Venice save your money, be ready to spend at least 3days it is really a wonderful place.


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