Perhaps Toronto isn’t the first name that emerges with regards to destinations to visit in Canada, however many might be shocked that the city of Toronto is a major tourist destination, attracting people from different part of the world    With World class restaurants, infrastructure,  sporting teams, parks, theaters, beautiful beach fronts, museums and arts, is it any wonder that millions and millions of tourists visits  Toronto every year.

The city has something for everybody despite age, varying tastes and interests. Moreover many events are held through the  year, such as the Indy car race, that augment the city’s beauty, boost  its international profile and attract visitors from far and wide. The  city’s multicultural community permit it to feature a large number of  international cuisine restaurants, from Chinese to Italian, and from  Ethiopian to Moroccan, you’ll find great ethnic restaurant to satisfy  all tastes.  So what are the top destinations to visit in this  great city?

The Top 10 must-see places for  anyone who wishes to experience this great city.

CN Tower

Standing 553.33 meters high, the CN Tower held the record for the  tallest building in the world for many years, until recently overtaken  by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is a hub of entertainment, observation  and learning to many who come to visit this marvellous structure that  was nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. With a glass  floor, outdoor observation deck, a revolving restaurant and a Simulator  Theatre, the CN tower is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting  Toronto.

Eatons Centre

Premiere shopping destination in Toronto. It is a multi-levelled,  glass roofed galleria with more than 320 shops, restaurants, theaters  and hotels. The Eatons Centre boasts the highest retail sales per square  foot in North America. It is the first major shopping centre built in  North America and was modelled after the Galeria in Milan, Italy.  Whatever you’re looking for, you are bound to find in at the Eatons  Centre. And if you’re not shopping and just want to check out the  restaurants, the shops and the people, it is the place to be.

Rogers Centre

Formerly known as the Skydome, The Rogers Centre is the home of the  Toronto Blue Jays. It is world famous for being the first stadium in the  world with a fully retractable roof that can completely close three  moving sections to shelter fans and players from the elements. If you  enjoy baseball, then a trip to Gate 9 will find affordable at-the-door  tickets for the game. With capacity of fifty thousand fans, the Rogers  centre offers as much in atmosphere and ambiance, as it does in  exhilarating sports entertainment.  4. St. Lawrence Market  Located in the heart of old Toronto, St. Lawrence Market is a  historical market that was home to Toronto’s first city hall and jail  house from 1845 to 1899. St Lawrence market today houses more than 50 gourmet food merchants and more than twelve lunch counters, and is viewed as one of the to twenty best food markets.

Toronto Islands

A Ten minute ferry ride from downtown Toronto, the Toronto Islands are popular asylum for many migrating birds. The most well known of the islands is Center Island which offers invigorating all encompassing view of the Toronto Skyline and is loaded with activities, for example, miles of parkland, barbecues, bicycle and vessel rentals, a kids’ farm, an entertainment park and picnic tables. To many that visit the island,  the ferry boat ride to and from is just as much of a highlight as the  island itself.

Harbourfront Centre

Throughout 10 acres of sheer beauty, the Toronto Harbour Front  centre is right at the waterfront. It is where you’ll find ice skating  rink, a large boardwalk, a beautiful view of the lake and the island  airport and a great number of ships on display including such ships as  the 1812 War privateer of the North Atlantic.

Canada’s Wonderland

Home to the most exciting collection of rides, roller coasters, live  shows and wet and wild water park fun, Canada’s Wonderland offers a fun  filled day of excitement and entertainment for the whole family. With  over 200 attractions including 60 rides, 15 thrilling roller coasters, a  water park with slides and a lazy river, and many entertaining shows,  it is no wonder that most people find that an entire day may not be  enough to go through the park. Built in 1981, some of the most famous  rides include ‘The Bat’, ‘Top Gun’ and ‘The Drop Zone’.

Toronto Zoo

Another popular lure, Toronto Zoo  is Canada’s largest zoo and is home to hundreds of rare and exotic  animal species. Visitors booking flights and accommodations in the  metropolis for a family day out must include the zoo in their itinerary  and introduce their kids to exotic animals such as Barbary apes, African  elephants and Asiatic lions. After an exhaustive animal-spotting  session, one may relax at one of the superb cafés in the zoo.

Royal Ontario Museum

Fondly called the ROM,  Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest museum with a riveting  collection of six million artifacts covering key historic events from  world over. It ranks high on Toronto’s sightseeing memorabilia and  greets over a million visitors every year. From gigantic dinosaurs to  colorful European history – there’s something to interest even the most  discerning of souls booking air tickets for holidays to the Canadian  metropolis.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

This is the oldest Canada`s Art Gallery housing more than 15,000 art work and attract more than 1000,000 guests every year. It has the world’s largest collection of Sir Henry Moore sculptures and has as of late experienced a monstrous extension composed by the world-well known Toronto engineer Frank Geary.


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