Positioned in the heart of Washington DC, there is this unique house that makes a home to the most respected people in the United States. The White House is one of the most secure places in the united states which has housed national Presidents and is also a home to the governing factors of the lawmaking decisions. It is one of the most significant attractions in the world which is known to be a stern force in security matters.The house hosts some of the most confidential and professional meetings. Only a few people are permitted to enter its premises. In fact, the only people who get in the White House without a confirmation badge is the First Family.  Very few people have got the privilege of being inside, but those few who have, have stated amazing things about it. From the hall pathways which are decorated with the portraits of all the Presidents till to date to the rooms. Only two people who are allowed to enter the room at a given time, there has been a vast amount of speculation, which has never been revealed, as to which are all the rooms of the White House. With no doubt, it needs to be known that the most prominent place in the house is the Oval Office. This is the primary and personal office of The President of the United States. A few reporters have had the privilege of getting inside this room. There is a desk in this room that the President does most of his tasks at it. There are two main doors in the office; one opens to the Cabinet Room the other one to the Rose Garden.   Interestingly it is not well known why was it painted white. Some people say that the building was initially painted in light grey. During the year 1812 War, the building got burned down by the British Army. The whole building structure was then destroyed. The reconstruction began immediately after the war, later James Monroe relocated into in 1817. In that year, the work was not complete. It is said that; the whole building was painted in White color as a means to recover from burn marks, thus got the name ‘White House.’However, some they say that the building was initially in white. The building was painted white to protect the sandstone that used during the construction of the building thus it was named ‘White House.’   The White House was constructed over 200 years ago and is one of the most precious symbols of the American Government. It has housed a large number of the US Presidents and their families over the years of their term and. The House is a well-recognized structure in America, a location that houses the president with his administration. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the building was completed in the year 1800. The White House had started in primary stages by the year 1790 when President George Washington was in power by then, though the building was not completed until John Adams took the Presidency. The building was extended when Thomas Jefferson got shifted into it. The building was painted all round in white color sandstone following the latest Georgia style during that time.  James Hoban, who was an architect from Irish was selected from a group of competitors to design the building. Hoban was awarded a gold medal for his marvelous work and was well recognized for his practical and impressive design.Construction commenced in 1792 as the first pillar was laid. George Washington supervised the development of the house while still running the country. Since the occupation of President Adams, each president followed made their changes to the building especially in their private residence to match their taste and preference.President Thomas Jefferson was the first person to open the White House, thus allowing it to become an open house. This was a tradition until after the rule of the presidency of Abraham Lincoln when the crowds grew larger and the way in which this was changed.  Styles and times have changed over the past 200 years, and the White House have not been an exception, instead it was gradually improving. Although there are some of the things may not be maintaining their original style what the White House stands for, remains honored even today. The building currently has about 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and six levels in the residential area.  If you consider a spending your leisure time while you are in the United States of America, it’s worth taking the time out to visit one of the most significant symbols of the American Culture.


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