Miami, Florida sits between a crocodile that spans Florida Everglades on the east and the Bikinis covered with exotic models on the Atlantic coast to the west. Not a bad place for a holiday spot. The city is not far from the attractions of the Orlando theme park and the quieter city of Ft. Lauderdale. Perhaps most famous for its late night clubs and Latin American style (the city is known as a gateway to South America), there are many interesting places, sites, and cultures to visit.  Technicolor is Miami. From people to vibrant colors to difficult parties but strict clubs, there is some technology and those to the city that characterizes them. Anywhere this is more obvious, then on Collins Street in South Beach. South Beach has many high-end resorts, restaurants, and bars spread all over the city: New York photos with continuous sunshine and good props.  Do not forget the shops. Where there are expensive restaurants and fine hotels, there is shopping. South Beach does not fail to reach. All major brands are represented but try to search for smaller local shops to find real items for culture and the region. Also, your support from these popular moms and shops will help to eliminate the Wal-Mart effect of homogenizing the world, one institution at a time.  Deering Real Estate. This effect returns visitors to time, and they return to a time when life was simpler. It is a great way to balance high flying, modern South Beach experience. More than just a part of South American history, Charles Deering dug some prehistoric animals and evidence on the site. He brought the children and camera, and settled in a short time in Miami!  Joe Stone Crab. OK. I rarely mention a particular vendor in any area, but Jos Stone Crab captures the soul that is Miami. A real tourist destination, the spot is full 24-7. But the reason is good food, ambiance, history and the fact that you eat lobster in Miami!  Miami Aquarium. Great place to spend the morning after going out all night. Walk around among the sea creatures and learn what is there, beyond the sands of the white sandy white sand. This is not a place for children only (although it will love it), but it is a great place to make an appointment or educate yourself or just spend a few hours waiting to open the dinner cafe again.  Deep Sea Fishing: Well, that’s not exactly the right city, but it’s part of Miami and you have to do it. Board a boat and catch your luck in a fin, shark, snapper, tuna, and kingfish. Bon appetite!    Gator Park. Remember how close Miami is from the real Everglades? Well, Gator Park is a much easier way to get a glimpse of the state’s huge park. Jump on an antenna with a unique and local guide, and approach your personality not only with the environment but with the variables you repeat.   If you love historic sites, there are plenty in Miami, and also exotic sites. Try Coral Castle, one man’s love-free business, a property built entirely outside coral reefs. Sounds strange? It is a great place, and it was impossible to move the reefs, where every piece weighs many tons.

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